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Dr. Imran Khan P.hD(Thailand)

Faculty of Software Engineering Department

The primary mission of the Software Engineering is to teach and equip students with knowledge of the concepts, techniques, skills and tools for developing modern large-scale software systems as well as learning their theoretical aspects. Students in this degree will be prepared for professional careers in the software industry, an economic sector that is experiencing high rates of growth and is increasingly critical to the technological advancement and the competitiveness of the state and the nation.

The Department of Software Engineering currently offers degrees in:

B.Sc. Software Engineering

M.Sc. Software Engineering

Ph.D. Software Engineering

Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed Khan Ph.D (UK)

Semester Coordinator
Engr. Imran Maqsood M.Sc. (Peshawar)


Assistant Professors
Dr. Saddaqat Jan Ph.D (UK)

Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad Khan Ph.D. (UK)

Dr. Muhammad Shafi Ph.D (UK)

Dr. Ibrar Ali Shah Ph.D. (UK)

Dr. Samad Baseer Ph.D. (Thailand)

Engr. Imran Maqsood (MS Peshawar)

Engr. Muhammad Usman (MS CASE)

Engr. Fahim Ullah Khan (MS Peshawar)

Engr. Muhammad Ishaq (MS Peshawar)

Engr. Zafar Ali Shah(MS Peshawar)

Engr. Lubna Gul (MS Peshawar)

Engr. Muhammad Sohail (BSc Mardan)

Engr. Shaharyar (M.Sc in progress)

Lab Engineers
Engr. Ahmed Khan (BSc Peshawar)

Lab Administrator
Mr. Sajid Khaleeq

Mr. Javed Ashraf

Faculty of Telecommunication Engineering Department

The field of Telecommunication Engineering is evolving rapidly with new technological standards introduced with the passage of time. During the last decade, advances in the fields of Signal Processing, Computer Software and introduction of mobile platforms have opened new horizons where Telecommunication Engineers are expected to work and excel. The Objectives of Telecommunication Engineering Department are formulated to harness most of these challenges and strategies are formulated to incorporate all the required skills into our program.

The Department of Telecommunication Engineering currently offers the following degrees:

B.Sc. Telecommunication Engineering

M.Sc. Telecommunication Engineering

Ph.D. Telecommunication Engineering

Dr. Shahbaz Khan - Ph.D(U.K)

Semester Coordinator
Engr. Abid Jan M.Sc. (Peshawar)

Assistant Professors
Dr. Shahbaz Khan - Ph.D(U.K)

Dr. Akhtar Hussain Khalil Ph.D(UK)

Dr. Imran Khan - Ph.D(Thailand)

Dr. Shoaib Khan - Ph.D(U.K)

Dr. Sadiq Ullah Ph.D (UK)

Dr. Naveed Mufti PhD. (UK)

Engr. Shagufta Naz - M.Sc(Peshawar)

Engr. Abid Jan - M.Sc(Peshawar)

Engr. Jalal Khan - M.Sc(U.K)

Engr. Aziz Ahmad-MSc (UK)

Engr. Muhammad Usman - M.Sc(Peshawar)

Engr. Fazal Muhammad - M.Sc(Peshawar)

Engr. Sajjad Ali - MSc(Peshawar)

Engr. Nagina Zareen - B.Sc(Peshawar)

Lab Engineers
Engr. Faisal Iqbal - B.Sc(Mardan Campus)

Engr. Gul Rukh - B.Sc(Peshwar)

Engr. Imad Ali BSc (Peshawar)

Engr. Marina Karim - B.Sc(FAST-NU,Peshawar)

Study Leave
Engr. Majid Ashraf - M.Sc(Denmark)

Engr. Nasruminallah - M.Sc(LUMS)

Engr. Sheikh Imran - M.Sc(CASE)

Engr. Naveed Mufti - B.E(NUST)

Engr. Zawar Hussain - B.Sc(Peshawar)

Engr. M. Aamir Zaman - M.Sc(Peshawar)

Mr. Murtaza Ali Bangash - M.Sc(Peshawar)

Mr. M. Abbas Mehmood - M.Sc(Thailand)

Mr. Iltaf Hussain - M.Sc(Peshawar)

Engr. Sheraz Khan - Ph.D. candidate(AIT - Thailand)

Faculty of Electrical (Power/Communication) Engineering Department

Electricity provides the energy for almost everything we do, from heating and lighting to transportation, manufacturing and communications. Because of rising pressure to make power systems more efficient, electrical power engineers are in great demand. Electrical (Power/communications) Engineering program will equip the students with the skills to meet the technical, industrial and economic challenges of modern electrical power systems. Areas of study include: power switching technology; electric and magnetic field computation; electric transients; electrical insulation; power system analysis and component modelling; and semiconductor power electronics.

Electrical (Power/Communication) Engineering Department currently offers degrees in B.Sc Electrical (Power/Communication) Engineering.

Dr. Imran Khan - Ph.D(Thailand)

Semester Coordinator
Engr. Fahim Ullah Khan M.Sc. (Peshawar)

Basic Sciences Faculty
Dr. Muhammad Abbas Mehmood Ph.D. (Thailand)

Dr. Iltaf Hussain Ph.D (Pakistan)

Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed (M.Sc Mathematics Peshawar)

Miss. Naznina Hakeem (M.A English Peshawar)

Miss. Shazia Habib (M.Sc Mathematics Peshawar)

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