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Department of Basic Sciences & Islamiat

The Department of Basic Sciences and Islamiat is one of the important departments of University of Engineering and Technology. It provides support to all technologies and disciplines of the University and meets requirements of engineering disciplines in importing basic sciences education.

It offers courses in Mathematics, Physics, Applied Mechanics, Computer Programming, Chemistry, Engineering Geology, Economics, Islamiat and Pakistan Studies, which are taught in first, Second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth semesters.

BSI 5010 Applied Mathemat1cs (3)

Solution of system of linear equations, eigen value problems, finite difference, differential equations, numerical integration, Leplace transforms, Fourier series, partial differential equations.

BSI 5011 Applied Statistics-i (3)

Frequency distribution; histogram, measures of central tendency, mean, median, mode, measure of dispersion, standard deviation, variance, correlation and regression, least square, analysis of variance. Introduction to Probability. Theory of addition and multiplication theorems, mathematical expectations, Binomial, Normal and Poisson distributions, hypothesis testing and estimation.

BSI 5012 Computer Science (3)

Review of computer programming, Fortran language, flow charts, machine language and compilers.
Introduction to Numerical Analysis, Finite Differences, Difference Operators and tables, Differences of polynormals. Newton's and Gauss interpolation techniques for equally spaced data. Simple Theorems on Divided Differences, Newton's formula for unequal interval. Lagrange's formula of interpolation Numerical differential and Numerical integration. Difference equations. Numerical solution of systems of linear equations, Numerical solution of Ordinary differential equations. Rung Kutta Method and Picard's Method.

BSI 5013 Probability and Mathematical Statistics

Discrete and Continuous Probability Spaces, Random Variables, Probability Distributions, Conditional Probability, Independence, Expected Values, Generating Functions, Review of the Binomial Hypergeamethic and Poisson Distributions: The Normal Distribution. The 'T', 'F' and Chi-Square Distributions.
Poisson Distributions: The Normal Distribution. The 'T', 'F' and Chi-Square Distributions.
Statistical Inference, Theory of point Estimation, Theory and Application of Confidence Interval Estimation and Testing of Hypotheses Contingency Tables, One way and Two way ANOVA. Introduction to Linear Regression Models.

BSI 5014 Applied Statistics-II

Review of the normal and related distributions. One-way and Two-way Analysis of Variance. Introduction to Basic Experimental Designs. Completely Randomized, Randomized Complete-Block and Latin-Square Designs. Factorial Experiments Split-Plot Design. Multiple Regression Analysis of covariance.


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