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Computer Systems Engineering

The Department of Computer Systems Engineering (previously known as Computer Information System Engineering) was established as an independent Center for Computer Information Systems Engineering back in the year 2000 in order to help meet the demand for trained and skilled manpower in Information and Communication Technologies. The department was first of its kind in the public sector in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and attracted the top merited student applicants. Recent years have witnessed exponential rise in the number of institutes offering education in this area thus making it tougher for institutes to attract quality student applicants. But despite this fact we have never been a difficult choice for our applicants as the number of applications that we receive each year has been on the rise. Our graduates pursuing professional careers and higher education both locally and abroad, have displayed excellence and earned immense praise in their respective fields.

The Computer Systems Engineering program exposes our students to a multitude of knowledge areas and cutting edge learning opportunities in this most exciting and vibrant area of engineering and applied sciences. Owing to the high pitched technological changes, we equip our students with the sound knowledge of the engineering that shapes these technologies. It lends our students the ability to adapt to the ever changing technologies and secures for them a potent position in the highly competitive job market. Keeping in view the very “applied” nature of this field we endeavor to strengthen our linkages with the industry both local and offshore. Our students are required to complete 800 hours of industrial internship as a necessary requirement of their degree. Changing corporate cultures have placed new demands on the verbal communication and presentation skills of the new workforce. Our students are not only trained to possess technical meat but they are also enriched with strong communication and interpersonal skills to make the best out of it. We at the Department of Computer Systems Engineering strive to produce graduates who can make a lasting impact in the progress of this nation and mankind as a whole.

Academic Programs
The department offers the following degree programs:

B.Sc Computer Systems Engineering
M.Sc Computer Systems Engineering


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