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Journal of Engineering & Applied Sciences


Articles written in English in all disciplines of Engineering and related Applied Sciences will be considered for publication provided the contribution is of original research or comprehensive reviews.


The contributor(s) must submit, with the covering letter, a statement declaring the category of the paper viz. research or review type, and that the paper has not been sent to, published or accepted by any other journal earlier. Furthermore, each author must submit a statement declaring that he or she did contribute to the research reported in the paper.

As this is a Refereed Journal, the publication of paper(s) is subject to the approval of at least two Referees in the concerned subject.

Preparation of Text

  1. A soft copy of the manuscript must be submitted, in Microsoft Word format, along with three printed copies.
  2. The title of the paper, names of authors and their affiliations should be stated on the cover page. The names of authors and their affiliations should not appear on any other page.
  3. The submission should include, in the beginning of the paper, an abstract of about 200 words, and the relevant key words.
  4. The text of the paper may be divided into Introduction, Material and Methods, Results and Discussions, Acknowledgement (if any) and References.


Tables should be laid out with a serial number, table heading and brief column heading. Tables should be included on separate sheets and referred to in the text.


Illustrations should be submitted in original (not photocopies) or laser print. They should be in black ink on white paper. Colored illustrations are not acceptable. Illustrations should also be numbered and referred to in the text. Maximum size should be 6 x 8 inches, with lettering minimum size 10 points.


Photographs should be submitted in original; photocopies will not be accepted.


  1. References should be placed at the end of the text and written on a separate sheet.
  2. They should start with the author’s name followed by the publication year, the correct title and the publication.
  3. References should be listed in the order in which they appear in the text.


  • Apparo, A. and Malik, K., 1969. “Resistivity model experiments”. Geoexpolration 7:45-54.
  • Von Nostrand, R.G. and Cook, K.L., 1966. “Interpretation of resistivity data.” Geol. Surv. Prof. pap. 499 US Govt. Printing Office, Washington D.C.


One set of proofs will be sent to the author to be checked for print errors. In case of more than one author the corresponding author should be indicated.


Three reprints of each article published shall be supplied free


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