Success Stories


AppFactor is a software consultancy firm that provides software solutions with its prime focus on the foreign market. We started our business under the banner of the TIC in November 2010. It’s been a great environment to work here. The staff is very supportive. We have a peaceful place to work and focus on our work. Currently our main focus is on the mobile applications platform. We are also planning on expanding to other platforms as well such as desktop applications, web applications and so on.!


HORTON DEN is a group of dedicated Computer Professionals, with hands- on experience in the IT field. It aims to provide quality service to the vast majority of multi-dimensional customers, who demand value for their investment in time and money. In this aggressive ready for action age, when the whole world is turning to Internet and electronics, it is vital to have an edge, which comes only from adopting e-Strategies.
HORTON DEN has decided to have a track record in future for quality and timely delivery. It commits to the deliverance of exigent tasks on time and well below budget.
Our domain covers the specialized areas including Web Solutions; Software Development; Electronic Devices (Microcontroller; and Programmable Language Controller (PLC).!

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